Surgery Survival Kit — Day 5

Spending 24 hours a day in a chair is soooooo boring.  Here are a few survival tools, assembled within easy reach:

1. Water

2. Gingerbread tea

3. Metamucil (blech)

4. Fresh mint (for nausea)

5. Oxycodone, Ambien, Advil, Vitamins

6. Red rose from the garden from PCA

7. Walkie for summoning PCA

8. Vanilla caramel candle

9. Book

10. iPad

11. Lip balm

12. Ice machine (out of sight)

13. Apple TV with Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and Arrested Development queued up.

14. Notebook for recording misery

Day Five feels kind of like Day Four although about a million times better because I finally got to take a shower (with PCA’s help).  it took so long that we actually ran out of hot water, but it was wonderful!  now my sister is here, making mini pizzas and keeping me company.  PCA just made a fire.  Between the two of them they take care of me and change my ice every 15 minutes.  i’m so lucky to not be in this alone.

bathroom explosion:

I’m getting more used to the sling, and its getting a little easier to take care of day to day hygiene (although i would never leave the house in my current outfit).

heres a pic of the ice machine, my current best friend.  GAME READY!

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