Surgery Day 2 ~ first post op appointment

my first thought this morning: I am SO glad it’s over.  Then: pain meds please.

it was a long and restless night and i didnt get much sleep.  i simply cant sleep sitting up. i kept wanting to roll onto my side and then half-waking up to realize that i also wanted to throw up.  my meds are on the most annoying schedule possible — every 3, 4, 6 and 8 hours.  the “mint corsage” that PCA made has been really great at staving off nausea.  every time i feel sick i take a bundle of fresh mint out of its Snapware container and inhale until it goes away.  we even brought it with us to the doctors office.

the meds seem to have kicked in now.  i take one Oxy every 4 hours and 3 Tylenols 3x/day.

during one of my Feelgood Happy Funland stages i managed to change out of stanky sweatpants into more formal “going to town!” sweatpants.  and PCA helped me wiggle in to a stretchy tube top sundress (which i wore over the sweats).  that felt a lot better as the strap from the sling velcro is super scratchy.  oh and we also discovered an EKG pad still stuck to my stomach.  what a day of discoveries!

heres my goin-out outfit. note the messy ponytail from PCA.

the nurse removed my bandages…

ACCCCCKKKK its just as gross as i imagined!!  there are four holes, from where he did five different repairs.  turns out my biceps was also torn, longitudinally.  and we counted 15 different punctures from the anesthesia guy (too tired to look up how to spell anesthesiologist, who, by the way, also administered anesthesia to President Reagan. Fun fact from my surgeon).  Dr Knapp said when they were doing the bicep repair that it was clearly a high impact injury, shoulder meeting immoveable object.  could have been tree OR rock!  so many boat accidents, so many choices!

Strapless wedding dress, here i come.

here i am with new bandages.

so…plan from here is rest and heal.  i have to wear the sling for four weeks then i go back in to see Dr Knapp.

now im back home in my chair with my giant ice pack on.  finally got some food — crackers, a little bit of peanut butter, and some steamed squash.  i am so grateful for the windows of feeling good and i feel so much better than i did yesterday.

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