Shoulder surgery – day 4

First day of passive exercises and i cant believe how much it hurt.  thought i was going to be sick from the pain.  still recovering from less than two minutes of exercise.  i cant believe how tough this recovery is.  the exercise consists of hanging your arm down and then slowly swinging it in a circle without using any muscles.  chris had to hold me up because i amost passed out.  the pain literally made me sick.  good Lord.  its going to be a loooong recovery.  its amazing how different i feel from just five days ago — the day before the surgery.  i felt so great back then; i feel so awful now.  i cant wait to start feeling better, even just a little bit better.

still taking 2 oxy every 4 hours, 3 advil every 8 hours, ice every 15 minutes.  my day is spent watching the clock and waiting.  this aint living.

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